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Personal Loan Options Just for You

Are you looking for quick cash to tide over the bad times? Do you need immediate loan services in Singapore with no questions asked, until you get your next paycheck? If your answer is yes, wait no more.101 Personal Loan is what you are looking for.

Our Purpose

As a Singapore based licensed money lender, we are always ready to provide aid in your times of need. Whether you are seeking for personal loan, payday loan, cash loan, short term loan or even foreigner loan, we have the resources and expertise ready to follow through on our words. Rest assured 101 Personal Loan is a complete legal service and our goal is to provide swift yet professional services. During the needy times, majority will approach loan services without being able to afford time wasted during the approval process. With us, you will only experience speedy money loan in Singapore, accompanied with easy interest rates and dependable payback options. We offer the most competitive interest rates in the market and any other necessary financial help through customer service, assisting you in making the right decisions without any bias on account of personal gain.

Easy Steps to Follow

Once you have decided to allow us the privilege of serving you, the steps to follow are simple. Just fill up the online application form and submit it to our specialists who are available 24/7 to do the needful. Once all the details are confirmed, a quick verification process will ensue after loan application is approved. All you have to do on your side is to visit our offices at the duly appointed time and sign the required documentation. We can agree upon a suitable payback option for you while you can have your money in no time at all. This convenient process has been devised keeping you in mind. Moneylenders Singapore work together to provide the best possible services with 100% satisfaction guaranteed every time we take on clients. Even foreigners, who are visiting Singapore, have used our quick loan services to fulfill their obligations successfully.




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