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Business Loans for Entrepreneurs and New Businesses

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur?  Do you have a business idea or dreams you wish to fulfill?  101 Credit is here for you!  We provide unsecured business loans to all new business owners and entrepreneurs to obtain the necessary resources to execute on their idea.  Our loans provide every business the vital opportunity to establish itself and gain a foothold in the market.

Our loan specialists is ready to assist every new business owner who are looking to secure additional lines of credit for their new business.  We understand how difficult it may be to obtain a loan from the bank, who requires a businesses to be operating for 2 years or more. Our unsecured business loan options may be the choice for you.

Business Loans for Expanding Your Business

For businesses and entrepreneurs with a vision and ambition to spread their wings and take their businesses to higher heights, 101 credit is ready for you.  With a rapid injection of extra capital at your disposal, you are free to meet the needs of your expansion strategy.  As capital is the most important factor in the success of any business expansion, we understand how important it is to get extra capital.

101 Credit provides unsecured business loans for any owners who are looking for extra funds to purchase extra equipment, hire additional staffs, or gain extra inventory for the purpose of expanding their business.  Our business loans allow you to provide the vital line of credit necessary to finance your expansion plans to success.

Business Loans During Times of Crisis

Business loans allow a business to gain extra financial strength so that it may continue to operate in an otherwise stressful and highly competitive business environment.  During certain periods of times, a business may find it self against the odds, and unable to sustain operations during times of crisis.

101 Credit understands the difficulties of business owners.  We are here to help business owners through their difficult times whenever they need extra help.  We can provide the vital injection to your cash reserves or your capital inflow.  With the extra capital, you are able to have sufficient resources to keep your business running smoothly.


  • All business owners applying for the loan must be at least 21 years old, and not more than 65 years old.
  • Business loans require the owner to be either a Singaporean or Permanent Resident of Singapore.
  • The business must be a registered company.

Required Documents

To apply for our business loan, please have the following ready at your disposal when you meet our loan specialists:

  • Directors’ or Business Owners’ Identification Documents (Identity Card, IC)
  • Your company’s latest ACRA company profile.
  • The company bank statements for the last six months
  • Existing office lease documents.

To help you with the loan registration process, our loan officers will first contact you via the telephone at your convenience, without you having to leave your office or home!


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