Foreigner Loan

You may be a foreign resident of Singapore or just a traveler. The requirement of a loan cannot be ruled out in any way as different types of emergencies may arise. There are various organizations in Singapore which provides you with foreign loan services. But it is quite hard to match 101 Credit, as a professionally driven unit makes it one of the best service providers. During the course of a foreign trip to the country of Singapore, you may be in the immediate need for cash. If you take the help of this service, you can resolve your requirements within a set time period.

Eligibility Criteria

When you are staying as a foreigner in the country of Singapore, you need a valid passport and visa. If you are working for any organization as a foreigner, you are also provided with an employment pass. All these documents needs to be shown when you apply for a foreigner loan in Singapore. The age limit for receiving this kind of a loan in Singapore has also been fixed as 21. When you apply for these loans in Singapore, your documents are verified properly at first. Without the apt verification of the documents, no loan amount is sanctioned.

You can find a variety of loan schemes as far as foreigner loans are concerned. Whenever you apply for these kinds of loans, quick responses are provided. You do not need to wait for an indefinite time period to avail these kinds of loan schemes.

Flexible Repayment Options

As a loan is being paid to a foreigner, appropriate measures are also taken for keeping the repayment options flexible. Easy and consumer friendly monthly installment schemes are worked out in this regard. There are also no processing fees for these loans. When an organization like 101 Credit offers foreigner loan to its customers, a highly active online profile is maintained. A web portal is created through which adequate information about the foreign loan product can be checked.

Easy, Fuss Free, Application

The online profile has been kept very dynamic and interactive. Once you want to get adequate information about the foreigner money loan, you can get in touch with the customer service numbers mentioned on the site. The customer service numbers are operational on a round the clock basis. You can also have a detailed discussion with the chat representatives. These chat representatives are experts in providing instant information about foreigner loan as soon as you log in.

The online loan calculator is also one of the smartest tools which you can make use of. When you are taking a foreignercash loan, you need to have an appropriate idea about how much loan you want to take. The online calculator helps you calculate the exact rate of interest which you need to pay.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Customer satisfaction is one of the key factors on which 101 Credit has emphasized over the years. There are numerous customers of 101 Credit who has taken foreigner credit loan and availed the best benefits. It has created a very firm identity for the organization in the highly competitive financial products market.


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