Personal Loan in Singapore

If you are looking for a personal loan or any other loan for the short term in Singapore then we can help you. We are licensed financiers who for some time now have been providing several types of loans to their customers.

The Staff at 101Credit have all the required experience, expertise and concern that you can depend on with closed eyes. Our excessive knowledge in the area of finances and the required understanding can assist you to obtain the loan that best suits your needs. You need never be concerned about the timeline when dealing with us, because we offer a swift service that will ensure you get your loan in the shortest time possible.

We are the Market Leader

We strive to be a Market Leader regardless of the type of loan you may need. We will attempt to provide the required service with the dignity and respect you deserve and ensure confidentiality regarding your dealings with us. We have several different loan options available from which you may select depending on your loan requirements. Whether you require a loan for the short term, fast cash or a foreigner loan or perhaps home loan, it makes no difference, we are here to assist you.

Flexible Repayment Options

We have made provision for repayment options that are extremely flexible. You will get the best deal for a personal loan because the rates we offer are very reasonable. Because we are 100% committed to giving our clients excellent service you can be assured of swift, efficient, service when you are making use of our services. In Singapore, the process begins with your online application being submitted to our professionals, who will then offer you a loan with competitive rates. Once your information has been submitted we conduct the verification process.

The Disbursement Process

Once the loan has been approved we will contact you and make the necessary appointment so that you can come in and sign the required documentation for your loan. Our main goal is to keep the online application process as simple and streamlined as possible, so that there is no need for concern when you are attempting to get the loan. There is a 24/7 cell for customer service that gives you all the necessary information you require, besides the online mode of operation that we can depend on. Call the number provided to access the information on the various loans available

Type of Loans

You may require various different types of loans that may include a personal loan, payday loan or a foreigner loan. We attempt to remain loyal to our customers in order that we might provide them with excellent services. You need not be concerned about the repayment plan during the loan application process. We have very flexible payment plans in place. We can come to a mutual agreement that we are both happy with in order for you to deal with your current financial problems.  Submit your loan application over the internet and someone will contact you in no time at all.  Your loan application will be approved by our specialists if you meet the necessary conditions and terms required.

If you are visiting Singapore and are in need of an Emergency Cash Loan, you can depend on us for the best service around.


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