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Shipping & Returns

When that will be sent
Under orders (Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 12:30) Regular business hours are usually processed on the same day, during delivery and follow below standards. For urgent delivery, orders must be sent by 12:00. Send orders delivered on Saturday and Sunday, so he sent on Sunday in these days to be processed.

And what is the difference between day shipping day?
Order a day to the site to confirm the exact date of the actual delivery of the day ship date would mean the transfer of the property.

Take direct action?
We also send your name clearly and accurately shows the planning, delivered directly to your workplace. Parcels with different orders on a person can collect it.

You go abroad?
Our orders are sent around the world

Return Policy
Products can be returned within 30 days after purchase. When the cargo warehouse in five days, we will be reflected on your credit card statement, will continue to return to the 5 working days. We will return your note may take 7-10 days.

Well your project the same condition and packaging must be in original packaging. For example, if arriving trash bags brand of handbags, garbage bags will be returned to the same. returned items and they will be accompanied by five labels. The dirty water for a refund or significant wear does not meet the circumstances.

Final sales of goods can not be returned.

Return Instructions and Information

The signs will be arranged, "back" option to click on a product page. You can check your package's status, so your tracking number tag. When we receive your goods, transportation Status displayed as "." By linking your account you can check the status.

When we issue a refund, you will receive a confirmation email. And when you really get credit to see you can check your credit card account. 5 days if they do not receive the confirmation email, please contact us.